I found the whole experience very pleasant. Everyone was so nice and considerate. I had confidence in them. I felt no pain during the surgery, and it was over before I knew it."

- R. Haines

Now younger people at work ask me to read fine print for them. Some coworkers send people over to me to ask about the surgery. After we talk, they often have the surgery themselves."

- A. Barrow

Dr. helped me be relaxed and understand the surgery he was going to do. His staff is very competent and organized. Right now I can read with both eyes. It's just amazing to me!"

- N. Trin

He is informative and talks to us in a language we are able to understand. He shows concern about the patients we are working with in a way some people would take for granted. When I am able to go to his practice, he has a smiling face, is very professional, helpful, and acknowledges his staff."

- T. Berry

I am very happy with my cataract surgery! I am also very pleased with the staff at the office – always very helpful and nice!"

- R. Smith

The day after the first surgery, one cataract was completed and seeing distance with a 20/20 eye was exciting to me."

- A. Bastian

Just awakening the first thing in the morning seeing the clock without glasses – when I am driving I now can read the street signs – No glasses!"

- Y. Pierson

Colors are amazing. Rooms are brighter. My tennis has improved because I see the ball better. Not wearing glasses is amazing."

- M. Chadwick

Driving at night was the most concerning to me and now is no problem. The colors are more vivid to me than they have been in a long while."

- S. Jackson

My sister, brother-in-law, and a family friend are now your patients at my recommendation."

- R. Hardy

Everything is so clear! It's a pleasure, everyone is so nice."

- T. Cainan

I never knew things could be so crisp and clear. Thank you for everything. I will be telling everyone I know about Dr. Singh!"

- W. Jeffries

WOW! What a difference! If I had known I could see this clear, I'd've had it done years ago!"

- P. Jewel

I thought I needed a new T.V. It turns out, I just needed an eye exam! Absolutely amazing difference!"

- T. Carsotti

The colors I see are so much brighter...and CLEAR! And everyone here is so nice!"

- D. MacKenzie

Dr. Singh is easy on the eyes."

- C. Potter

Thank you for restoring my vision! I'm seeing better than I ever have! Thank you so much!"

- K. Little

What an eye opening experience! You guys are great!"

- T. Frelles

Dr. Singh is so caring, and your staff is so nice and happy."

- C. Swisher

It's been an absolute pleasure. I've never had a medical experience be so positive!"

- K. Pratt

'And Blessed is He who gives a blind man his sight back.' We'll never be able to fully thank you."

- A. Diehl

To learn more about our Ophthalmology Services, please contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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